Crystal Candle Range

Crystals are natural energy healers, formed over thousands of years. Vegan soy candles infused with crystal & herbal healing powers to help guide you through meditation.

You may be at the beginning of your spiritual journey or wanting to add a crystal candle to your personal rituals.

Meditation is a powerful tool in mental health as well as helping one grasp a situation and feel grounded.

Sometimes we need a little self love to improve our confidence, we could also be asking forgiveness from either ourselves or for other people. Holding on to anger is never healthy, with this you can use the Chilli Treasures Forgiveness Crystal Candle to release negative feelings.

New beginnings can always be hard, it is important to set intentions so you both enjoy the journey and go down the right path. Full moon rituals are not complete without a candle by your side. This also include manifestation, be it for work or the home use this candle to help you attract the life you want.

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