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Herbal Tea
Blends of herbs to aid your body in recovery & help you find homeostasis. Ask about custom tea blends today or check out Chilli's range.
Cleansing Products
Organically & sustainably farmed white grandfather sage in Victoria, Australia.
Crystal Candle Range
Infused with love and chosen specifically for each desire. These crystal candles are paired with herbs to be used under the full moon, during your bath or any time you desire a little magic!

About Me

Being the fiery Aries that I am, my nick name given to me by my closest has been Chilli.
I am the creative type, making products with my hands & always learning something new. It started with my own health concerns that lead my down this forever road I am on to taking charge of my own health.

I found myself called back to the days of past, a pull towards learning herbal medicine and knowing what I or my family may need in our *Home Herbal First Aid Kit* Each product I make is to aid you and yours to be able to live a free life; health is freedom.

So in making these products I hope to inspire you to take charge of
your health & the health of your family. To learn more about the
herbal products you are consuming or putting on your skin. To know the
ingredients and how they provide benefits.

To take back your sovereignty.

I (Chilli) have just the right treasure here for you, shop now!