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The Launch Of My First Tea - Why Herbs

The Launch Of My First Tea - Why Herbs

As a young girl traipsing through the bush land at the back of my families business during school holidays, collecting sticks, leaves and mud mixing positions. Imagining dishes created & poultices coming to life out of recycled old pots and pans. (Side note the family business is a scrap metal yard.)

School catches up with you & some things fall to the side lines... but not for long.
I always had a distaste for the way we as a collective have been taught to live in fear, to disregard the old ways and adopt a way of convenience. Forgetting how to truly  take care of ourselves and instead putting our fates in the hands of others.

I found my freedom through herbs; rather through taking charge of my own health and wanting to go about it as naturally as I can.

You know when you have this immense feeling of "I am in the exact place, with the right people at this very moment' yeah I had that sitting during meditation right before my Herbology class. That feeling just grew as we all spoke on why we were there and the seed burst and grew into life as I began learning to potency of herbs.


Packet Of Woosah Tea -

It feels too important not to share, not to create & teach where ever I can.

So in making these products I hope to inspire you to take charge of your health & the health of your family. To learn more about the herbal products you are consuming or putting on your skin. To know the ingredients and how they provide benefits.

To take back your sovereignty.



Chilli xx

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