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Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone

Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone

For so long now I have been sitting comfortably in a routine of sorts. Where I know the outcomes, I anticipate what will unfold next and in this I have lost that spark. The zest for life where you want to wake up early and see what the day brings, well, because I already know what is in store.


This is why I am stepping out, jumping into the unknown & what scares me.


I have been doing my workshops for awhile now but I have not been hosting them as regularly as I would have liked. Due to multiple reasons but a lot of excuses and limiting beliefs.


Recently I had a reading done which ignited a fire within me. The cards nudged me towards  a challenge, to search for something that would terrify me, then do exactly that.


Let me list off some of the limiting beliefs here so you gain some background:

-I can only host them outdoors in nature (Cue seasonal interruptions)

-The topic must be something I have freshly undergone/ learnt  (Meanwhile I have gone through immense lessons in the past that are just as important to speak on)



So here goes nothing.... I mean everything. Into running workshops monthly & deep diving into this work!



Chilli xx



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