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The Power of Waking Up That Little Bit Earlier

The Power of Waking Up That Little Bit Earlier

If you are like me and press the snooze button at least two times then we need to talk! 

When I was younger I remember having competitions with my brother on who could wake up & get ready for school first, I think I only ever lost once over the years (but then again he probably didn't consider himself apart of the competition haha.) Since starting full time work, my own little business and my ever busy schedule most mornings during the week I will press the snooze button. 


First of all when you wake up that little bit earlier (it can be 5 minutes, half an hour or even an hour if you're game) you get the advantage of time. You can plan your day, make that super cool Insta breakfast you've been dying to try, make a healthy lunch to take to work, watch the sunrise, you can work out or even take 5 and meditate. All of this will give you peace of mind and actually start your day off on a positive note.

Can you imagine a day where nothing can bring your mood down? Not the jerk who cut in front of you on your way to work, or that you're one off getting that free coffee, or the person who didn't smile in your direction. Not even those things can bring your mood down when you start your day off positively, because it is like a domino effect. Who knows you could even change someone else's day around by just being happy within yourself.

The power of waking up early can change your day around, say it gets to mid day and you feel like you haven't accomplished anything. Well with waking up early you can already tick of exercise, and whatever else you accomplished in the morning. So waking up early can also elevate the little stresses in day to day life of ticking off that too do list.

By waking up earlier you will be more productive and for longer during the day. When you wake up that little bit earlier most of the time no one else is awake so you have peaceful silence to reflect on your goals and set yourself up for the day without distraction. Because your diet will improve by waking up a little bit earlier and having time to get a bit of exercise you will have more energy to get the things you want done.

With all of that said, ticking off your to do list earlier, more energy & productivity means that what work you had to do for the day will be done sooner, leaving more time to socialise or do something for yourself. In turn you will start to live a happier life with even the smallest of steps that have an onflow effect to other areas of your life.  


Now you can either be a night-owl or an early risers and I am certainly not saying to change any of that (unless it is affecting you negatively.) Some of us are just wired to stay up later and get less sleep and if it works for you that is perfectly fine. This blog post is to talk about the benefits of just getting the hell out of bed when you need to. Because when you press that snooze button that extra 5 minutes of 'sleep' is actually draining you not giving you more energy for the day. So what I am saying is jump right out of bed, get your heart racing, reward yourself so you feel good about getting out of bed and kick today in the butt!


Here's a simplified list of all the benefits I spoke about if you can't be bothered reading all of that^ ;)


-Peace of mind and a quiet moment to yourself

-Get in a good breakfast and/ make yourself a healthy lunch

-Set's your day up to be a positive one

-You get shit done

-Less stress

-Increase in energy and productivity

-More time to do the things you love/ spend time with those you love




If you need a little bit of help on how to get out of bed here's a few little tips:

-Allow yourself to sleep a little earlier (if you can)

-If you can't sleep earlier make sure you wind down before falling asleep so it's a good one (put your phone down, close the laptop, turn of the tv. Drink some tea or read a book but make sure you're letting your body know I'm going to sleep soon, so you get a nice deep sleep.)

-Place your alarm far away so you have to get out of bed to turn it off

-Then walk straight out of your room so the bed doesn't tempt you

-Give yourself a reward (that first sip of coffee, to watch the sunrise, or even to cuddle your pet.)

-Have a positive reason to wake up (maybe it's something that needs doing, or to have time to write/ draw in the morning.)



So if you want to make a little positive change to each day just know I'll be struggling along with you to not hit that snooze button!

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