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Don't Get Comfy

Don't Get Comfy

You know that feeling you get when life is finally going your way, you're simply satisfied with what you have right now. The feeling of 'I've made it' or you've achieved a goal.

Scrap it, scrunch it up and throw it in the rubbish bin. You have never made it.

Side note: This idea is not to disregard your success or to not appreciate where you are. Let me explain myself further so I don't sound so crazy.


I set goals, I chase them, smash them down then I start running again. If we are ever to be successful in our careers or even if your goal is to become a better person we need to never stop persueing.

Don't settle for what you've acheived, think about your life as constant stepping stones without a final destination. Don't get comfy.

As soon as you get comfortable you've fallen back two steps, because there is always someone out there working twice as hard as you are, more hungry with more passion. So I urge you to step out your comfort zone. Take a risk, a chance on yourself to strive for better.

Don't think twice and let fear win, whether the outcome is good/bad you will gain knowledge and experience and what is life but an accumulation of experiences.


If you can obtain this mindset of never quiet being satisfied whilst still giving yourself credit for your triumphs, you will continue to be better than you were yesterday. At the end of the day our greatest competition is who we were and where we were yesterday.

Don't stay comfy, get crazy and chase your dream.

Sep 26, 2020


Sep 26, 2020


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Sep 12, 2020


Jul 04, 2017

So well put. Following those words can only lead to absolute success in all aspects of life, adding substance to ones existence and purpose in all areas.

I love who you are and all that you are becoming Leah. Go forth determined, ambitious but above all with pride.


Maria Caprez

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