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Why I Do What I do.

Why I Do What I do.

 In each conversation, relationship or project I have an immense passion to make others realise their worth. For each human to see their true potential and to have faith within themselves.


I know after a long day of working; coming home is a heartwarming thought. Your home should be your sanctuary, where you go to rest, recover and bring people together, a space to enjoy.


Walking in and having that warm homely feeling is something I want to create for you. Because I know when you work hard at your dreams you need that down time to find balance & be your most creative.


By filing your home with little treasures that make you smile it can inspire all aspects of your life and in turn create success.


Let's simplify this; your body is the home to your soul. If you love the space you are residing in you are going to feel confident, even thrive in all areas of your life. Happiness is the main goal for most people, as to lead a happy life you will establish great relationships, businesses, and build upon each success with a strong foundation.


I have always had a propensity to nurture people. I'm like the persistently positive mum on the side lines cheering my children along. I do this for those closest to me in life, but I've always wanted to reach out to strangers and impact as many lives as possible.


I kept asking myself how can I do this for the people who aren't directly in my life. How can I impact & make you feel this way. I stumbled onto homewares as a way to tap into your emotions in a positive way.


When you're lighting that candle at the end of the day, be it during a relaxing bath, in your kitchen whilst you cook, or your bedroom then it's time to wind down, I want to create a space where your mind can run free so you can create the world you want for yourself.


So I am here to make your home your personal treasure island.


Chilli xx

Sep 26, 2020


Sep 26, 2020


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Sep 12, 2020


Jun 01, 2017

You are such an inspirational young lady, who is always bright and bubbly. Your always thinking not only how to improve your life, but the lives of others. May your candles and future endeavors bring you and others many years of health, wealth and happiness. Love you Miss Chilli ( Leah).

Jun 01, 2017

Keep inspiring Leah!!!

Jun 01, 2017

As the mother of this all inspiring young woman, Leah – Miss Chilli Treasures, I can testify to her sunny disposition & ever uplifting nature but Leah does pour her soul into everything she does, including her awesome candles :)xx

Maria Caprez
Jun 01, 2017

You are incredible :) x


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